Call for sessions

Call for sessions

The theme of the conference is The Global North: Welfare Policies, Mobilities, Inequalities, and Social Movements. We are very pleased to invite proposals for sessions within the theme of the conference or other themes of sociological interest.

The conference focuses on the relation between Nordic countries and global processes. How do the Nordic countries influence global processes and how do global processes such as migration, division of labour, environmental problems, commodity production and discourses for modern governance influence the Nordic countries. The conference will address challenges to the Nordic countries and responses to such challenges. Hence, the conference addresses questions of migration, poverty, inequality, recent labour market and welfare state developments. The conference also focuses on responses from civil society, institutional developments, changes in organizations, management, governance and the frontline of the welfare state.

Proposals to organize sessions should include the following information:

  • The title of the session
  • The name, affiliation, e-mail address(es) of the proposer(s)
  • A description of the topic of the session (not exceeding 500 words)
  • A short description of the form of the session (full paper, oral presentation, poster presentations, workshop, round table etc.) and whether the proposers want to organize a full stream on the conference or only one session
  • A short description of the selection of papers (the proposers decide whether peer-review will be used)

The deadline for proposal submission is 1st of March. Please sent your proposal to

Please note, the session organizer will be responsible for advertising the session, and selecting and reviewing the papers. All presentations should be based on a paper in progress (abstract, draft or full paper). Papers for sessions should be submitted directly to the corresponding organizers. Each session should consist of 3-4 papers.